A TPAM Showcase (Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2014) program

Happy Days
by Samuel Beckett


photo: Ryuji Miyamoto

New Translation:  Shino Kuraishi 
Direction : Yasuki Fujita
Set design : Teppei Kaneuji
Music & sound design: Itoken
Performer: Tomoko Ando, Yutaka Fukuoka (Yen Calling)

Date: February 14(Fri) 19:30 / 15(Sat) 15:00 / 16(Sun) 15:00
Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number1 3F HALL

This representation in Japan arranged with Estate of Samuel Beckett c/o Curtis Brown Group Ltd., through le BCF, Tokyo.


contact: info@aricatheatercompany.com

"Happy Days" is one of Samuel Beckett's best-known plays. Artist Teppei Kaneuji designed this scenic art which looks like a mountain, where the lead actress (Tomoko Ando) continues talking earnestly whilst appears as if she were being buried in it. Kaneuji is known for his collage technique by pouring plaster or resin over everyday items after they are dismantled.  Why does she keep talking in this condition where she is stuck and cannot move? Why is she buried in the mountain? This masterpiece by Beckett is reborn through a new translation, new interpretation and with a new stage setting.

Teppei Kaneuji was born in 1978. In 2003 he finished a postgraduate master's course at Kyoto City University of Arts majoring in sculpture. In 2009 at the tender age of 30, he was the youngest person to hold had a solo exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art(Kanagawa Pref.)titled "Teppei Kaneuji: Melting City/ Empty Forest". He is known for his collage technique by pouring plaster or resin over everyday items after they are dismantled. Materials are separated from their original functions and bond with other items as if they were melting. His works has been frequently presented both in Japan and overseas, such as the "Singapore Biennale" in 2011. 

Yutaka Fukuoka (Performer)
Composer, Free Vocalization Artist and Music Producer. He was the main member of the Japanese rock band "PINK" in the 1980's. 
As a composer and music director, he was involved in a variety of activities such as The theatrical production "The Temple of the Golden pavilion"(director: Amon Miyamoto), NHK TV program "Izumo-taisha", "Pompidou Centre", "Double Atomic-bomb victims", Movie『Dororo』. He has also taken part in many international arts festivals.  It is his first participation with ARICA.

ITOKEN (Music, Sound Design)
Fake-Multi-Musician, Drummer.
He has joined a variety of bands as a support musician or member.  Such bands include d.v.d, Morio Agata、Shugo Tokumaru, Kuricorder Quartet , Shuta Hasunuma, Sotaisei Riron.  Also he has worked solo.
His first participation with ARICA was the production "LOVE IS BLIND"(2011) and his second participation was "Happy Days".
TPAM Showcase (Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2011) Entry

ARICA presents
Butterfly Dream


Director: Yasuki Fujita
Performer: Takuzo Kubikukuri, Tomoko Ando
Live musician: Osamu Saruyama, Eijiro Takahashi

Date; 17th February 19:30 / 18th February 14:00 & 19:30
60 minutes performance

Venue: BankART Studio NYK / NYK Hall (1F)
Tel. 045-663-2812 www.bankart1929.com

reservation: \3,000- door: \3,500-
student and TPAM pass holder: \2,000-

reservation: mail@aricatheatercompany.com or call 080-1117-1571 Keizo Maeda

Company ARICA presents unique non-text performance by Takuzo Kubikukuri
(who has been hanging his neck to the rope under the tree in his house
garden almost everyday over 10 years!) and ARICA's former actress Tomoko
Ando (who had been performed with theater director Shogo Ota / Tenkei
Theater from late '70s). The man, Takuzo hangs his neck onto rope from
the ceiling of the space. And the woman, Tomoko appears with her strange
belongings. The performance will go on without any words, but with
extremely theatrical body movements. Directed by Yasuki Fujita - ARICA.
1 hour performance.

Supported by Saison Foundation
Co-operated by BankART1929 / PARC
ARICA New creation 


Director: Yasuki Fujita
Text and concept: Shino Kuraishi
Performer: Tomoko Ando
Live musician: Osamu Saruyama, Eijiro Takahashi
Date : 28th(thu) 29th(fri) 30th(sat) 31st(sun) October, 3rd(wed)
4th(thu) 5th(fri) 6th(sat) 7th(sun) 11th(thu) 12th(fri) 13th(sat)
14th(sun) November
[thu, fri, sat 7:30pm wed, sun 5:30pm]
Place: A to Z (40 seats only) 2-38-5 Kabuki-cho, Okano building
basement, Shinjuku (9 minutes from Shinjuku, Shin-Okubo and Okubo
station, 3 minutes from North exit/Seibu Shinjuku station)
Ticket price: advance reservation 3,000 Yen, door ticket 3,500 Yen,
Student 2,000 Yen
Presented by ARICA
Supported by Japan Arts Fund / The Saison Foundation
Co-operated by A to Z